by JGrzinich / Seth Nehil

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Deeply hallucinatory drone music created from endless layers of acoustic sounds in unusual, resonant spaces. Seth Nehil and John Grzinich threw sounds back and forth from the US to Eastern Europe and back for several years, twisting and folding their noises until they unfurled into the mammoth that is "Confluence". Taking form with the integrity of a living organism, these pieces invite the listener to find his way through the reticulated and stratified development of a subtly unfolding, organic and massive sound-body.

Praise for "Confluence"

"Some of the most technically accomplished and awesomely beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard, as infinitely complex and infinitely simple as light." - Paris Transatlantic

"'Confluence' does one thing over its three tracks, and does it gloriously. The thick syrup slowly oozing from the speakers is a shifting mass of hundreds of layers of smaller sound nuggets. In both "Pneuma" and Lohme" individual characteristics of the sources are unrecognizable, congealing instead into gargantuan whooshes which flow like the circulatory system of Antione de Sainte-Expurery's mammoth snake digesting an elephant." - Bananafish

"Each piece contains layer upon layer of sounds moving at different paces, creating rich but not too dense textures that allow you to focus on a different "region" of the sonic space each time you press the play button. Somewhere between musique concrète and very detailed drones, the music opens up and sucks you in." - All-Music Guide


released September 1, 2000



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Intransitive Lowell, Massachusetts

Publisher of "experimental"/etc music run by Howard Stelzer from 1997-2012 (RIP) in Cambridge MA.

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