From the Abolition Port

by Kuwayama Kiyoharu & Masayoshi Urabe

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A gripping, devastatingly patient, and emotionally raw improvisation for cello, saxophone, and metal chains recorded live at Kuwayama Kiyoharu's cavernous warehouse space in Nagoya, Japan in March 2002. "From the Abolition Port" features two human musicians, but the ghostly presence of the acoustic space acts as a third performer... or perhaps as a collaborative composer.

The music is violent in its sparseness; sharp instrumental outbursts push with great effort against a backdrop of blackness as dense and heavy as the sun. "From the Abolition Port" suggests a private ritual, or a seance... or perhaps absurd theater, with unseen players circumnavigating a pitch-dark industrial space, sending out desperate distress signals and futilely listening for a response.

Praise for "From the Abolition Port":

"An absolutely staggering illustration of how it is possible to create a musical universe with very sparse means, yet one that is full of tension, meaning, and feeling. The tension, the meaning and the feeling are not necessarily those you like to have, but like all good stories, that's what creates the suspense and keeps you seated to your chair in anxious expectation of what is coming next, hoping for relief, hoping for salvation, hoping .." - Free Jazz


released June 1, 2010

Recorded at No 20 warehouse, Nagoya Port, on October 2, 2003

Urabe Masayoshi - alto saxophone, chains, metal joints, bell
Kuwayama Kiyoharu - cello, viola, metal junk, wood sticks, etc

Originally published as a CDR in a limited edition of 100 copies.



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